3rd District East Shorouk City: A Comprehensive Overview

3rd District East Shorouk City is a luxurious residential neighborhood in Shorouk, Cairo. It is considered one of the most high-end villa neighborhoods in the area, with spacious and modern…

3rd District East Shorouk City is a luxurious residential neighborhood in Shorouk, Cairo. It is considered one of the most high-end villa neighborhoods in the area, with spacious and modern homes catering to those seeking a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle. The district is known for its prime location, as it is minutes away from the Suez Road and the entrance to Shorouk 2 in front of Madinaty.

El Shorouk City, where 3rd District East is located, is one of Cairo’s newer cities. It is situated at Kilo 37 on the Cairo-Ismailia road and extends to the Cairo-Sues road. Wide streets, green spaces, and different amenities make this city a haven for residents. Shorouk City is also known for its proximity to other critical areas in Cairo, making it an ideal location for those commuting to work or other parts of the city.

3rd District East Shorouk City is the largest neighborhood for high-end villas in Shorouk City, consisting of 11 sub-districts. It is a popular choice for those seeking a luxurious lifestyle, as it offers a range of amenities such as private swimming pools, landscaped gardens, and 24-hour security. The district is also known for its modern architecture, with homes that feature contemporary designs and high-quality finishes.


Overview of Shorouk City

Location and Accessibility

Shorouk City is a new urban development located in Cairo Governorate, Egypt, with a population of approximately 200,000 residents. The city is about 37 km northeast of Cairo’s city center and is accessible via the Suez Road, one of the main highways in Egypt. Additionally, the city is well-connected to public transportation, including buses and trains, making it easy for residents to travel to and from the city.

Historical Development

Shorouk City was established in 1995 as part of the Egyptian government’s efforts to expand urban development and provide modern residential areas for its citizens. The city was designed and developed by the New Urban Communities Authority, which focused on providing residents with modern infrastructure and amenities.

Population and Demographics

Shorouk City has diverse population includes young families, professionals, and retirees. The city is known for its family-friendly atmosphere, with parks and recreational activities for residents. Most residents are middle-class, with a growing number of upper-middle-class residents.

Real Estate Market Trends

Shorouk City has experienced a steady increase in demand for real estate in recent years, with prices for residential properties rising steadily. The city’s proximity to other major urban centers, such as Obour City and 10th of Ramadan City, has made it an attractive location for investors and developers. The city boasts multiple residential properties, such as apartments, villas, and townhouses, with varying prices depending on location and amenities.

Comparative Analysis with Neighboring Districts

Compared to neighboring districts, such as Madinaty, Shorouk City offers a more modern and developed infrastructure, focusing more on residential areas. Major highways and public transportation put this city within reach for residents and visitors.

Future Prospects

Shorouk City is poised for continued growth and development. The Egyptian government is investing in infrastructure and urban planning projects to support its expansion. The city’s focus on modernity and innovation is expected to attract more residents and investors in the coming years.

Governmental Vision and Projects

The Egyptian government has outlined a vision for Shorouk City’s continued development, focusing on improving infrastructure, expanding public transportation, and creating more residential areas. The government has also invested in projects to improve the city’s green spaces and recreational areas, making it a more attractive location for families and young professionals.

Residential Properties in 3rd District East

Types of Properties

3rd District East in Shorouk City is a residential area that offers a variety of properties for sale. These properties include apartments, villas, duplexes, and standalone villas. Apartments come in 2 to 4 bedrooms, while villas offer spacious living with 3 to 7 or even more bedrooms. Each property is fully finished and equipped with modern facilities and amenities.

Property Features

Want a comfortable, luxurious home? Look no further than 3rd District East’s residential properties! These homes boast various features designed to cater to your specific needs. They offer green spaces, parks, gardens, and a swimming pool. The residential compounds provide top-notch security and privacy, ensuring a peaceful and tranquil environment.

Buying Guide

If you are interested in buying a property in 3rd District East, you should keep a few things in mind. The real estate market in Shorouk City is competitive, so it is essential to act quickly if you find a property you like. Most properties require a down payment, so ensure you have the funds available. Working with a professional real estate agent to help guide your buying process would be best.

Residential Compounds

Several residential compounds in 3rd District East offer a range of properties for sale. These compounds provide a safe and secure environment for residents and offer a variety of facilities and amenities. Some of the most popular residential compounds in 3rd District East include:

  • Al Burouj
  • El Patio Oro
  • Stone Park
  • Maxim Compound
  • Tawila Compound

These residential compounds offer a range of properties, from apartments to villas, and provide top-notch facilities and amenities.

Overall, 3rd District East in Shorouk City is a great place to buy a residential property. The residential compounds offer a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle with various properties for all needs and budgets.

Commercial and Recreational Facilities

Shopping and Entertainment

Whether you live there or are just visiting, Shorouk City’s 3rd District East is a shopping and entertainment hub! The Diamond Mall is a popular destination for shoppers, offering a range of local and international brands. Other shopping centers in the area include the Shorouk City Center and the Hyper One supermarket.

Several cinema complexes, including Galaxy Cinemas and VOX Cinemas, are in the area for entertainment. The Shorouk Club keeps you active with its swimming pools, tennis courts, and fitness center.

Educational Institutions

There are several educational institutions in the 3rd District East, including public and private schools. The International School of Choueifat is a popular choice for parents looking for an international education for their children. Other schools in the area include Future Language Schools and Modern Education Schools.

For higher education, the nearby city of New Cairo is home to several universities, including American and German universities.

Sports and Leisure

The Shorouk Club is the leading sports club in the area, offering a range of facilities for sports enthusiasts. These include tennis courts, swimming pools, and a fitness center. The club also hosts several sports tournaments throughout the year, including football and basketball.

The nearby Katameya Heights Golf and Tennis Resort boasts an 18-hole course and more for those interested in golf.

Healthcare Services

The 3rd District East has several healthcare facilities, including the El Shorouk Hospital and the Al Salama Hospital. These hospitals have emergency care, surgery, and obstetrics.

In addition to hospitals, several clinics and medical centers, including the Diamond Medical Center and the Alfa Medical Center, are in the area. These centers offer general practice, pediatrics, and dentistry.

Infrastructure and Public Services

Transportation Network

Residents of 3rd District East in Shorouk City enjoy a hassle-free commute thanks to the district’s well-connected network. Close to Suez Road, the area offers easy access to other parts of the city via car on smooth, well-maintained roads. Public transportation, such as buses and taxis, is readily available, making getting around the district and the city a breeze.

Utility Services

The 3rd District East in Shorouk City has all the necessary utilities. The city is fed by 10th Ramadan plants, which ensure a steady drinking water supply. In addition, the district has access to electricity and gas services, which are essential for daily living. The district’s well-developed sewage system ensures a clean and hygienic environment.

Environmental Sustainability

The 3rd District East in Shorouk City is committed to promoting environmental sustainability. It has several green spaces, parks, and gardens that provide residents with fresh air and a place to relax. The district also has a well-developed waste management system. It is committed to promoting sustainable living and encourages residents to adopt eco-friendly practices.

In conclusion, the 3rd District East in Shorouk City is equipped with all the necessary infrastructure and public services that ensure the comfort and convenience of its residents. The district has a well-developed transportation network, access to utility services, and a commitment to promoting environmental sustainability.

Neighborhoods and Landmarks

Prominent Neighborhoods

The 3rd District East in Shorouk City is a high-end residential area with several neighborhoods, each with its unique charm and character. The following are some of the most prominent neighborhoods in the area:

  • Al-Andalus: This is the first neighborhood in the 3rd District East, named after the famous Andalusian region in Spain. It is a well-established neighborhood with a mix of villas and apartments.
  • Granada: The second neighborhood in the 3rd District East is named after the beautiful city of Granada in Spain. It is a relatively new neighborhood still under development and offers a mix of villas and apartments.
  • Al-Aqiq: This is one of the most distinguished and upscale neighborhoods in the 3rd District East, named after a precious stone. It is a popular neighborhood among the aristocracy in Shorouk City and offers a mix of luxurious villas and apartments.

Key Landmarks

The 3rd District East in Shorouk City has several vital landmarks, adding charm and appeal. The following are some of the most notable landmarks in the area:

  • Shorouk Club: This popular sports and social club in Shorouk City offers its members facilities and various activities. It is located in the 8th Neighborhood of the 3rd District East.
  • El Obour Market: This large and bustling market is located in the nearby city of El Obour. It is a prime location for shopping and entertainment and is easily accessible from the 3rd District East.
  • El Rehab City is a large and well-established gated community located near the 3rd District East. It has facilities and amenities such as schools, hospitals, and shopping centers.

In conclusion, the 3rd District East in Shorouk City is a vibrant and diverse residential area offering luxurious villas and apartments. It is home to several prominent neighborhoods and critical landmarks, making it a popular destination among residents and visitors.


Investment Opportunities

Real Estate Investment

Investing in real estate in 3rd District East, Shorouk City can be a lucrative opportunity. The area’s prime location and modern amenities are driving up demand for residential properties. The stable real estate market makes it a safe investment, with property prices remaining accessible for first-time buyers.

Commercial Ventures

Investors looking to invest in commercial ventures can find many opportunities in 3rd District East, Shorouk City. The area has many shopping centers and commercial properties, making it an ideal business location. The demand for commercial properties in the area is high, and the market is expected to continue growing in the coming years.

New Property Developments

New property developments in 3rd District East, Shorouk City, offer investors exciting new developments. La Vista Bay East and The Edge are two such developments that provide a range of properties at different price points. These properties are designed to meet the needs of modern buyers, with amenities such as swimming pools, gyms, and parks. With prices starting at 1,810,192 EGP, these developments offer various investment options for buyers.

Investment in 3rd District East, Shorouk City, offers a range of opportunities for investors. The area has a stable real estate market, growing demand for commercial properties, and a range of new property developments. With relatively affordable prices, the area is an attractive option for first-time investors looking to enter the market.

Living in 3rd District East

Residential Life

3rd District East in Shorouk City is a peaceful residential area with tranquility and lush greenery. The neighborhood offers housing options such as villas, apartments, and townhouses, catering to the diverse needs of its residents. The residential area is well-planned and designed, with wide streets and ample parking spaces. The neighborhood is also known for its cleanliness and well-maintained public areas.

Community Services

Residents of 3rd District East won’t be short on options thanks to the amenities right at their doorstep. Everything you need, from supermarkets and pharmacies to restaurants and cafes, is conveniently located within the community. The neighborhood is also home to several public and private schools and is well-connected to other parts of Shorouk City by public transportation.

Cultural and Social Aspects

3rd District East is a vibrant community that celebrates cultural diversity and promotes social cohesion. Multiple events and activities are held throughout the year, including cultural festivals, sports tournaments, and community gatherings. The residents of 3rd District East are friendly and welcoming, making it a great place to live for families and individuals alike.

In terms of security, the neighborhood is well-protected, with 24-hour security patrols and surveillance cameras. The community is safe and secure, providing residents with peace of mind and a sense of security.

Overall, 3rd District East in Shorouk City is an excellent choice for those seeking a peaceful and comfortable residential area with access to various amenities and services. The community is welcoming, diverse, and safe, making it an ideal place to call home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top schools in the 3rd District of East Shorouk City?

The 3rd District of East Shorouk City boasts several well-regarded schools. Some of the top schools in the area include:

  • Future International Schools
  • Al-Hayat International Schools
  • El Alsson British and American International School

How does public transportation operate in the 3rd District of East Shorouk City?

Public transportation in the 3rd District of East Shorouk City is primarily served by buses and microbuses. These vehicles provide easy access to other parts of the city and neighboring areas.

What prominent healthcare facilities are available in the 3rd District of East Shorouk City?

The 3rd District of East Shorouk City has several prominent healthcare facilities. Some of the most notable options include:

  • Al-Andalus Medical Center
  • El Safa Hospital
  • El Shorouk Hospital

What types of residential properties are most common in the 3rd District of East Shorouk City?

The 3rd District of East Shorouk City is primarily known for its high-end villas. These properties are spacious and well-appointed, with many offering luxurious amenities such as private swimming pools and expansive gardens.

What are the safety and crime statistics for the 3rd District of East Shorouk City?

The 3rd District of East Shorouk City is generally considered safe and secure. Crime rates are low, and residents enjoy a high quality of life.

Are any major development projects underway in the 3rd District of East Shorouk City?

No significant development projects are underway in the 3rd District of East Shorouk City. However, the area is known for its fast-paced growth and development, so new projects may be announced shortly.


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