Coronado North Coast: A Guide to the Best Beaches and Attractions

Coronado North Coast is a luxurious resort on Egypt’s North Coast. The resort boasts a 600-meter beachfront and 320-meter depths, offering residents a spectacular coastline view. The resort is designed…

Coronado North Coast

Coronado North Coast is a luxurious resort on Egypt’s North Coast. The resort boasts a 600-meter beachfront and 320-meter depths, offering residents a spectacular coastline view. The resort is designed to cater to individuals who seek a refined and elegant lifestyle.

The master plan of the Coronado North Coast resort is dedicated to ensuring maximum functionality and refined elegance. Each residential unit is designed to enjoy a breathtaking view of the sea. The resort provides a variety of amenities on the direct sea, making it the best beach on the coast.

Coronado North Coast is an ideal destination for families looking for a relaxing vacation. The resort offers many services, including a pool, outdoor furniture, and non-smoking accommodation. The nearest airport is Mersa Matruh International Airport, 78 miles from the resort.

Overview of Coronado North Coast

Coronado North Coast is a luxurious residential community in Zāwiyat ʿAbd al Munʿim, Egypt. It is an excellent location for those who want to experience the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea and enjoy a relaxing lifestyle.

Location and Accessibility

Coronado North Coast is situated in a prime location, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. It is easily accessible from Alexandria, only a 90-minute drive away. The community is also conveniently located near the Borg El Arab International Airport, only a 45-minute drive away.

Resort Facilities and Services

Coronado North Coast offers residents various resort facilities and services. These include:

  • A private beach
  • A swimming pool
  • A clubhouse
  • A gym
  • Tennis courts
  • A spa
  • 24-hour security

The residential buildings at Coronado North Coast are built to offer opulent and cozy living arrangements to their occupants. The villas and residential units are spacious and elegantly designed, with high-quality finishes and fittings. Each unit has modern amenities such as air conditioning, satellite TV, and high-speed internet.

In conclusion, Coronado North Coast is a perfect place for those who want to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle in a beautiful location. Its excellent location, resort facilities, and spacious residential units make it an ideal community for those who want to experience the best Mediterranean living.

Accommodation Options

Villas and Chalets

Coronado North Coast offers a variety of villas and chalets for families looking for a comfortable and enjoyable stay. The villas and chalets are spacious and equipped with every convenience that will make your stay enjoyable. Guests can choose from villas and chalets with garden or sea views, depending on their preferences.

The villas and chalets are well-maintained, with air conditioning, private bathrooms, and fully-equipped kitchens. Guests can enjoy the beautiful garden or sea views from balconies or terraces. For groups of people who want a relaxing and restful getaway, the villas and chalets are ideal.

Garden and Sea View Units

Coronado North Coast also offers garden and sea view units for guests looking for a more affordable option. These units are cozy and comfortable and have every convenience that you need to have. Guests can choose from units with garden or sea views, depending on their preferences.

The garden and sea view units are well-maintained, with air conditioning, private bathrooms, and fully-equipped kitchens. Guests can enjoy the beautiful garden or sea views from balconies or terraces. For couples or small families looking for a cozy and reasonably priced place to stay, the units are ideal.

In summary, Coronado North Coast offers an array of lodging possibilities to meet the requirements and preferences of different guests. Whether guests want a luxurious villa or a cozy unit with a sea view, Coronado North Coast offers something. The lodgings are kept up properly and furnished with all the conveniences needed for a relaxing and pleasurable stay.Coronado North Coast

Amenities and Lifestyle

Leisure and Recreation

For both locals and visitors, Coronado North Coast provides a vast array of leisure and recreational opportunities. The community is on the coast, making it an ideal location for swimming, surfing, and boating activities. Residents who prefer to stay on land can enjoy a leisurely walk or run in several parks and outdoor spaces.

Some of the popular recreational activities in Coronado North Coast include:

  • Swimming and sunbathing on the beach
  • Surfing and other water sports
  • Walking or running in the parks
  • Boating and fishing in the nearby marina
  • Golfing at the nearby golf course

Dining and Cafes

Coronado North Coast has various dining options for residents and visitors. Several cafes and restaurants in the community offer a range of cuisines, from local Egyptian dishes to international cuisine. Locals can take in the stunning views of the coast while sipping coffee or tea at one of the cafes.

Some of the popular dining and cafe options in Coronado North Coast include:

  • The Beach House: A restaurant that offers a range of international cuisine
  • The Greek Club: A cafe that serves Greek dishes and coffee
  • The Marina: A restaurant that offers seafood and other local dishes
  • The Beach Cafe: A cafe that offers a range of drinks and light snacks

Overall, Coronado North Coast provides a comfortable and peaceful environment that fosters a peaceful The community has a range of amenities and sporting events that appeal to various tastes and interests. Whether it’s enjoying a cup of coffee at a local cafe or taking a walk on the beach, there is something for everyone in Coronado North Coast.

Investment Opportunities

Coronado North Coast offers a range of investment opportunities for those looking to invest in the area. Here are some of the investment opportunities available:

Real Estate Investment

Coronado North Coast offers a range of fully finished properties for those looking to invest in real estate. These properties are designed to meet the needs of investors looking for a high-quality property in a great location. The properties are available in various sizes and styles, so investors can choose the property that best meets their needs.

Payment Plans and Offers

Coronado North Coast offers a range of payment plans and offers for those looking to invest in the area. These payment plans and offers are designed to make it easier for investors to invest in the area. Some of the payment plans and offers available include:

  • Down Payment Assistance: Coronado North Coast offers down payment assistance to help investors get started with their investments.
  • Flexible Payment Plans: Coronado North Coast offers flexible payment plans to help investors manage their investments.
  • Special Offers: Coronado North Coast offers special offers to investors looking to invest in the area.

Investors looking to invest in Coronado North Coast can use these opportunities to maximize their investment.

Customer Experience

Reviews and Ratings

Coronado North Coast has received positive reviews and high ratings from real guests who have stayed at the property. Many guests have praised the property’s location, cleanliness, and spacious accommodations. The property has been rated 10.0/10 by many guests, indicating their satisfaction with their stay.

Some of the reviews left by guests include:

  • “The chalet was spacious, clean, and had a beautiful sea view. We had a great time with our family and would recommend this property to others.”
  • “The apartment was well-equipped and had everything we needed for a comfortable stay. The location was perfect, and we enjoyed the pool and nearby beach.”
  • “The staff was friendly and helpful, and the property was well-maintained. We had a great experience at Coronado North Coast and would stay here again.”

After-Sales Services

Coronado North Coast offers after-sales services in order to provide a pleasant and comfortable stay. The property has a 24-hour front desk and assists with transportation, luggage storage, and other services. Guests are also able to take advantage of free Wi-Fi during their stay.

In addition, the property has a dedicated team of staff who are available to solve any problems or worries that guests may have. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly, and they strive to provide the best possible customer service to guests.

Overall, guests can expect a pleasant and hassle-free experience at Coronado North Coast. The property’s high ratings and positive reviews testify to the quality of service and accommodations guests can expect.

Local Attractions

Sidi Abdel Rahman

Sidi Abdel Rahman is a beautiful beach on Egypt’s North Coast. It is well-liked by both locals and visitors due to its soft sand and crystal-clear waters. Several chalets are available for rent in the area, providing visitors with a comfortable and convenient place to stay.

Some activities visitors can enjoy at Sidi Abdel Rahman include swimming, sunbathing, and snorkeling. Additionally, there are a number of eateries and cafes surrounding the beach that serve a delectable assortment of regional cuisine.

Alexandria Proximity

The North Coast of Egypt is located near Alexandria, one of Egypt’s most historically significant cities. Visitors to the North Coast can easily take a day trip to Alexandria to explore its ancient ruins, museums, and beautiful beaches.

In Alexandria, visitors can explore the famous Bibliotheca Alexandrina, a modern library built on the ancient Library of Alexandria site. They can also visit the Catacombs of Kom El Shoqafa, a complex of tombs dating back to the 2nd century AD. Alexandria also has several beautiful beaches, including the Montazah Beach and the Maamoura Beach.

Overall, the North Coast of Egypt offers visitors a unique blend of beautiful beaches, historical sites, and delicious local cuisine. The North Coast offers something for everyone, whether travelers are looking for a laid-back beach getaway or an exciting trip discovering ancient ruins.

Practical Information

Reservation Process

To book a stay at Coronado North Coast, guests can follow a simple reservation process. They will be able to fill out the reservation form with their desired dates of arrival and departure, the number of guests, and any additional requests. Alternatively, guests can call the provided contact number and speak to a representative to make a reservation over the phone. Reservations should be made in advance to guarantee availability.

Contact Details

For any inquiries or assistance with reservations, guests can contact Coronado North Coast through the following details:

Guests can also follow Coronado North Coast on social media to remain apprised of the latest information and promotions.

Overall, the reservation process at Coronado North Coast is straightforward and convenient, and guests can expect prompt and helpful assistance from the staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top-rated hotels in Coronado North Coast for tourists?

  • Hotel Del Coronado
  • Loews Coronado Bay Resort
  • Coronado Island Marriott Resort & Spa
  • Glorietta Bay Inn
  • 1906 Lodge

What are visitors’ common issues in the Coronado North Coast area?

Visitors to the Coronado North Coast area may face issues such as traffic congestion during peak tourist seasons, difficulty finding parking near popular attractions, and high prices for food and accommodations.

What attractions are available for visitors to Coronado North Coast?

  • Coronado Beach
  • Coronado Ferry Landing
  • Coronado Historical Association Museum
  • Coronado Playhouse
  • Spreckels Park

What is the best time of year to visit Coronado North Coast?

Spring and fall are the ideal seasons to visit Coronado North Coast because of the pleasant weather and reduced crowds. However, visitors can enjoy the area year-round due to its temperate climate.

How do transportation options in Coronado North Coast cater to tourists?

Transportation options in Coronado North Coast include rental cars, taxis, ride-sharing services, and public transportation. The Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) operates buses and trolleys throughout the area, making it easy for tourists to get around.

What cultural experiences can travelers expect in Coronado North Coast?

Travelers to Coronado North Coast can expect to experience a rich cultural heritage, including the historic Hotel del Coronado and the Coronado Historical Association Museum. The area also hosts various cultural events throughout the year, such as the Coronado Flower Show and the Coronado Island Film Festival.

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