Veranda Hurghada: A Luxurious Beachfront Resort in Egypt

Veranda Hurghada is a luxurious residential community in the Sahl Hasheesh area of Egypt, overlooking the beautiful Red Sea. The community consists of 318 residential units, including studios, one-bedroom and…

Veranda Hurghada is a luxurious residential community in the Sahl Hasheesh area of Egypt, overlooking the beautiful Red Sea. The community consists of 318 residential units, including studios, one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments, and villas. Each unit is surrounded by exotic gardens and several lagoons, providing an idyllic view for every homeowner.

It is just a twenty-minute drive from Hurghada, making it an ideal escape from the buzzing resort city within a short distance. The community offers a private beach area, giving residents access to the beautiful Red Sea and a terrace for enjoying the views.

Veranda Hurghada is an ideal community for those wanting a lavish lifestyle in a beautiful location. The community provides access to several amenities, including an outdoor swimming pool, room service, and a bar. It is an excellent investment opportunity for those looking to invest in a property with a unique location and stunning views.

Overview of Veranda Hurghada

Veranda Hurghada is a premium residential compound in Hurghada, Egypt. Developed by Inertia, it covers an area of 40,000 square meters and includes 380 units of various sizes, ranging from studios to three-bedroom apartments and villas.

Location and Accessibility

Veranda Hurghada is in Sahl Hasheesh, a resort town on the Red Sea coast. The location offers breathtaking views of the Red Sea and the mountains and is a twenty-minute drive from Hurghada, making it an ideal escape from the buzzing resort city.

The Concept of Veranda

The concept of Veranda Hurghada is centered around providing its residents with an exquisite experience of the beach, mountains, and a quaint English village. The compound is modern and surrounded by several lagoons and exotic gardens. Alfresco dining, a bar and cocktail lounge, and a lavish spa surrounded by water on three sides are some amenities that Veranda Hurghada offers.

Veranda Development and Real Estate

Veranda Hurghada is part of the Veranda Sahl Hasheesh project developed by Inertia. The project comprises 318 residential units, including studios, one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments, and villas. The development is designed to offer its residents idyllic views and a luxurious lifestyle. Veranda Hurghada is a perfect investment opportunity for those looking to invest in real estate in Egypt.

Residential Units and Amenities

Types of Units

Veranda Hurghada offers a variety of residential units to suit different needs and preferences. The available units include studios, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom apartments and villas. The units have modern designs and high-quality finishes, providing citizens with a comfortable and luxurious living experience.

Premium Facilities and Services

Veranda Hurghada provides its residents with premium facilities and services to enhance their living experience. These facilities include:

  • Gym: A fully equipped gym with state-of-the-art equipment to help residents stay fit and healthy.
  • Spa: A luxurious spa offering a wide range of treatments and therapies to help citizens relax and rejuvenate.
  • Pools: Veranda Hurghada features several swimming pools, including a private beach, where residents can enjoy a refreshing swim.
  • Housekeeping Service: A professional housekeeping service is available to ensure that the units are always clean and tidy.
  • Parking: Veranda Hurghada provides residents ample parking space to ensure their vehicles are safe and secure.
  • Security: The compound is equipped with state-of-the-art security systems, including CCTV cameras and 24/7 security personnel, to assure the safety of citizens and their property.

Exclusive Features for Residents

Veranda Hurghada offers its residents exclusive features that make their living experience more enjoyable. These features include:

  • Exotic Gardens: The compound is surrounded by exotic gardens that offer citizens with a serene and peaceful environment.
  • Lagoons: The compound features several lagoons, which enhance the beauty of the landscape and provide residents with idyllic views.
  • Idyllic Views: Every homeowner in Veranda Hurghada is presented with idyllic views of the Red Sea and the surrounding landscape.
  • Great Landscape: The compound, which covers 130,000 square meters, was designed meticulously. It blends exotic gardens with modern architecture to create a beautiful and harmonious landscape.

Veranda Hurghada provides its residents with a luxurious and comfortable living experience, premium facilities and services, exclusive features, and beautiful surroundings.

Leisure and Entertainment

Dining and Restaurants

Veranda Hurghada offers a variety of dining options to suit all tastes. The on-site restaurants serve a range of international and local cuisine, with fresh seafood being a particular highlight. Tourists can relish their meals in the elegant indoor dining areas or take in the stunning views of the beach and gardens from the outdoor terrace. The resort also features a clubhouse where visitors can relish and unwind with a drink or snack.

Sports and Recreation

For those looking to stay active during their stay, Veranda Hurghada has plenty of options. The resort boasts multiple tennis courts and a golf course, perfect for those who enjoy a round of golf. Water sports enthusiasts can benefit of the resort’s beach location and enjoy snorkeling, diving, and windsurfing. The resort also features a well-equipped gym for those who prefer to work indoors.

Entertainment Venues

Veranda Hurghada offers a vibrant nightlife scene and a range of entertainment options. The resort features a nightclub where guests can dance the night away and several bars and lounges where they can relax and relish a cocktail. The resort hosts regular live music performances and shows for those who prefer a more laid-back evening.

In conclusion, Veranda Hurghada offers a scope of leisure and entertainment choices to fit all tastes. Whether guests want to relax on the beach, enjoy golf, or dance the night away, the resort has something for everyone.

Natural and Architectural Beauty

Landscape and Views

Veranda Hurghada boasts breathtaking natural beauty. The landscape is dotted with meticulously maintained exotic gardens, offering a serene and peaceful environment. The views from the property are idyllic, with the Red Sea stretching out into the horizon, providing a picturesque backdrop for the property.

Architectural Design

A Mediterranean theme inspires the architectural design of Veranda Hurghada. The villas blend modern and traditional styles, giving them a unique and charming appeal. The English Village, with its Clock Tower, is a standout feature of the property, adding to the charm of the overall design.

The villas in Veranda Hurghada are designed to offer luxury and comfort to its residents. The finishing of the properties is fully furnished, and the sizes range from 232 sqm for apartments to spacious villas. The attention to detail in the design is evident in the spaciousness of the properties and the natural lighting that floods the rooms.

Overall, Veranda Hurghada is a property that provides a unique mix of natural and architectural beauty. The landscape and views are breathtaking, while the architectural design is inspired and charming. The property is perfect for a lavish and serene living experience in a serene and peaceful environment.

Investment Opportunities

Real Estate Market in Sahl Hasheesh

Veranda in Hurghada is a high-end residential compound with exceptional facilities and services, making it an attractive investment opportunity. The project is developed by a reputable developer with a proven track record in the real estate market. The demand for properties in Sahl Hasheesh has been increasing steadily over the past few years, and Veranda is one of the most sought-after projects in the area.

Investment Benefits

Investing in Veranda in Hurghada offers several benefits, including:

  • High-quality properties with exceptional facilities and services
  • A reputable developer with a proven track record in the real estate market
  • A range of payment plans makes it easier for investors to purchase properties
  • The potential for high rental yields due to the high demand for properties in Sahl Hasheesh
  • There is potential for capital appreciation as the real estate market in the area continues to grow.
  • A secure investment with the added benefit of a safe and stable political environment in Egypt

Prices and Payment Plan

The starting price of properties in Veranda is EGP 8,414,000, with a cost per sqm of EGP 36,267. The downpayment for a property in Veranda starts at 10% or EGP 841,400. The number of installments for a property in Veranda is 24, with a payment plan of 6 years.


A respectable developer with a solid track record in the real estate industry created Veranda in Hurghada. The developer enjoys a solid reputation for producing properties of superior quality, along with outstanding amenities and services.

Hurghada’s Veranda real estate offers a safe investment option with the possibility of significant capital growth and rental profits. The demand for properties in Sahl Hasheesh is increasing steadily, and Veranda is one of the most sought-after projects in the area. With various payment plans available, investing in Veranda in Hurghada has always been challenging.

Lifestyle and Community

Community Features

Veranda Hurghada offers a luxurious lifestyle and community experience ideal for anyone looking for privacy, comfort, and convenience. Here are some of the community features that make Veranda stand out from other residential compounds in Hurghada:

  • Private Beach: Veranda has a private beach accessible only to residents and guests. This ensures that residents can enjoy the beach in peace and without disturbance.
  • Lagoons: The compound is surrounded by beautiful lagoons that add to the community’s aesthetic appeal and provide residents with opportunities for fishing and other water-based activities.
  • Club House: Veranda’s Club House is the perfect place for residents to socialize and relax. It provides a swimming pool, a gym, and a restaurant.
  • Community: Veranda is a friendly and welcoming community ideal for families and individuals who value a peaceful and serene environment.

Living Experience

Living in Veranda Hurghada is an experience like no other. Here are some of how Veranda enhances the living experience of its residents:

  • Privacy: Veranda offers high confidentiality, ideal for residents who value their personal space. The compound is closed and has 24/7 security to assure citizens feel safe and secure.
  • Friendly: Veranda is a friendly community perfect for families and individuals who want to live in a welcoming and supportive environment.
  • Community: The community at Veranda is diverse and inclusive, which makes it easy for residents to make new friends and socialize with their neighbors.

Overall, Veranda Hurghada is an excellent choice for anyone wanting a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle in a friendly and welcoming community. With its private beach, beautiful lagoons, and amenities, Veranda offers residents an unparalleled living experience that will exceed their expectations.

Accessibility and Local Attractions

Transportation and Access

Veranda Hurghada is conveniently located near Hurghada International Airport, which is approximately a 25-minute drive away. The resort can arrange transportation to and from the airport upon request. Guests can also easily access the resort from Sahl Hashish Road, a major road in the area.

Local Attractions and Landmarks

Veranda Hurghada is situated near several popular local attractions and landmarks. Some of the must-visit places in the area include:

  • Senzo Mall: This is a large shopping mall located near the resort. It features a wide range of stores, restaurants, and entertainment options.
  • Marina: The Marina is a picturesque area in Hurghada home to various shops, restaurants, and cafes. It is a great place to stroll around and take in the sights.
  • Shopping: Hurghada is known for its vibrant shopping scene, and there are plenty of opportunities to pick up unique souvenirs and gifts. The resort can arrange transportation to some of the best shopping areas in the city.

Veranda Hurghada is also conveniently located near several popular local landmarks, including the Hurghada Grand Aquarium and Sand City Hurghada. The resort’s concierge service makes it easy for guests to arrange tours and excursions to these attractions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the current prices for properties in Veranda Sahl Hasheesh?

The current prices for properties in Veranda Sahl Hasheesh vary depending on the property type and location within the resort. Generally, prices range from $70,000 to $500,000. Consulting with a real estate agent is recommended for accurate and up-to-date pricing information.

Can you rent an apartment in Veranda Sahl Hasheesh? What are the terms?

Yes, apartments in Veranda Sahl Hasheesh can be rented for short—or long-term stays. The terms of the rental agreement will depend on the length of stay, the type of property, and the season. It is recommended that you consult with the property management team for more information on rental terms and availability.

What amenities are available at Veranda Resort in Sahl Hasheesh?

Veranda Resort in Sahl Hasheesh offers a range of amenities for its residents and guests. These include:

  • Swimming pools
  • Private beach
  • Fitness center
  • Spa and wellness center
  • Restaurants and cafes
  • 24-hour security and concierge services

How does Veranda Sahl Hasheesh compare to other resorts in Hurghada?

Veranda Sahl Hasheesh is one of the most luxurious resorts in Hurghada, offering a range of high-end amenities and services. It is known for its stunning architecture, beautiful landscaping, and idyllic location on the Red Sea. While other resorts in Hurghada offer similar amenities, Veranda Sahl Hasheesh stands out for its exceptional quality and attention to detail.

What types of properties are available for sale in Hurghada?

There are various properties available for sale in Hurghada, including apartments, villas, and townhouses. These properties range in size and price, making it possible for buyers to find a property that fits their needs and budget.

Are any new real estate developments similar to Veranda in the Hurghada area?

Several new real estate developments in the Hurghada area offer amenities and quality similar to Veranda Sahl Hasheesh. These developments include:

  • El Gouna
  • Soma Bay
  • Makadi Bay

Each of these developments offers unique features and advantages, making it essential for buyers to research and compare their options before purchasing.

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