• Egypt MLS

    Makes it easier for buyer and seller brokers to work together

    Real estate brokers and agents work together more easily on Egypt MLS, which makes real estate transactions easier.

  • Egypt MLS

    Largest database of properties that are available

    Making use of Egypt MLS allows you to schedule showings more easily and provides access to detailed information that is not available on open apps or websites.

  • Egypt MLS

    With Egypt MLS, maximize deals while minimizing hassle.

    Real Estate Management Synchronization: Bid Farewell to Duplicated & Scattered Data!

  • Egypt MLS

    The most updated information on property status

    Egypt MLS always reviews the most recent property data to make sure you get accurate information

  • Egypt MLS

    Verified, dependable, thorough, and precise property data

    Millions of consumers rely on the foundational data provided by Egypt MLS to make informed real estate decisions.


Opening September 2024

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Unlock Your Real Estate Potential

About Egypt MLS

The leading real estate platform, Arab MLS, is broadening its reach to Egypt. Egypt MLS is preparing for debut as part of our strategic effort; it is one of six important markets, along with Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, and Bahrain. A breakthrough real estate experience with Arab MLS in Egypt is coming soon; stay tuned.

What is MLS (Multiple Listing Service) ?!

A multiple listing service (MLS) is a shared database used by real estate professionals to list and access information about properties available for sale or rent. MLS typically include comprehensive details about the properties, such as photographs, descriptions, features, and sometimes even historical data.

Who Benefits from Matrix™?

Matrix™ empowers real estate professionals and associated stakeholders by providing an extensive suite of tools and resources essential for achieving excellence in their operations

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Analytical Models

IDX Internet Data Exchange

IDX, short for Internet Data Exchange, serves as a comprehensive term encompassing guidelines, standards, and software associated with presenting real estate listing details on websites. Crucially for agents and brokers, IDX facilitates the incorporation of real estate listings from a multiple listing service (MLS) database into their respective websites.

In our comprehensive guide, we delve into the intricacies of IDX, addressing its creation, functionality, its role in enhancing success for real estate agents, and the associated costs of integrating IDX listings onto a website.

Features Of Matrix™

Personalized Hot Sheets

Get updated on listing events, new properties, and more with individualized overviews

Strong CMA Capabilities

Boost market analysis with thorough property information, modifications, and extensive charts

Search Alerts That Are Automated

Updates on matching postings in real time. Accept and distribute to clients.

Unified Maps Using Street Views

With overlays, aerial photography, and thorough street maps, navigation is effortless.