How we Started

Egypt MLS was founded under the visionary direction of Ahmed El batrawy and is powered by Arab MLS and AMP Technology.

Egypt MLS was founded with the goal of becoming the only reliable source of information, having seen its share of chaos in the Middle East’s real estate markets. The establishment of a centralized database containing precise, authentic, and unique data was our initial objective.

Our goal was to create a community that would bring together all real estate professionals and position Egypt MLS as the go-to resource for all real estate needs.


Contact Info


+20 122 544 4440


Our Purpose

At Egypt MLS, we provide real estate agents with a cutting-edge platform that simplifies the purchase and sale of homes.

We promote a cooperative ecosystem by being dedicated to providing a user-friendly experience, state-of-the-art technology, and real-time data. Our goal is to bring together real estate professionals in order to improve the market’s efficiency, trust, and transparency. We’ve revolutionized the way individuals search for their ideal houses and fulfill their real estate dreams by being committed to excellence, integrity, and constant progress.

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Importance of Our Company Name

Egypt MLS expands its reach into Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, and Bahrain. Building connections throughout the MENA region promotes efficiency, openness, and relationships. We are positioned to become the primary source of real estate information in Egypt, connecting the Arab world with more than two million real estate professionals in the US and Canada.

What Sets Us Apart

Transparency and efficiency are what we hope to achieve by effectively linking the whole MENA Region. Egypt’s market is easily accessible to users in Dubai, and vice versa. To differentiate ourselves with a global perspective, we also hope to connect the Arab globe with more than 2 million real estate professionals in the US and Canada.

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Why Choose Egypt MLS?

We stand out by connecting real estate professionals, fostering transparency, and providing a global reach. Dubai MLS simplifies and transforms the real estate landscape by offering a comprehensive and efficient platform.
Mission Statement

Provide a cutting-edge platform to real estate professionals to empower them and promote efficiency, trust, and transparency. Redefining the real estate journey is the goal of unwavering commitment to excellence, integrity, and constant improvement.

Vision Statement

Convert the real estate market into an empowered, networked ecology. Discover, purchase, and sell real estate like never before with the help of cutting-edge technology, insightful data, and a vibrant community.