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Developing Communities

Employing housing data to inform economic predictions and city planning

Market Information, Cooperation, and Trust to be relied on

Matrix™, a neutral platform for real estate professionals, depends on collaboration, trust, and accurate data to function well. By exchanging property listings, agents establish a safe system with established guidelines. This data has several uses:

Marketing and Advertising

Fueling platforms like Zillow,, and Redfin.

Assisting buyers

Assisting buyers' agents in producing market evaluations and locating appropriate properties.

Local Property Lookup

Putting up nearby properties for sale on brokerage websites.

Assisting Sellers

Helping the agents representing sellers by evaluating similar properties and offering data-driven guidance.

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For real estate professionals

Using Matrix™, Real Estate professionals may view a comprehensive and current image of the market.

Search Through the Market

Using Matrix™ to direct searches for particular areas, attributes, and cost ranges.

Deep Insight

Access comprehensive data that isn't available on open platforms by using Matrix™

Know How Much to Offer

Identifying competitive bids by examining the most recent data on comparable properties

Set a Fair Price

For precise pricing, past and present home sales data is used.

Make Your House Visible Everywhere

Putting non-confidential information on display on many real estate websites.

Engage Additional Agents to take action on Your Behalf

Utilizing Matrix™ to connect with a network of brokers who act as active purchasers.

Matrix™ Key Features

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Listing Management Done Easy

Accelerate the procedure for maintaining and revising real estate listings.

Particularized Market Strategies

Customize Matrix™ to meet unique market demands while maintaining cross-national adaptability

Accelerating Workflow Integrated

Your real estate transactions will move more quickly with Matrix's integrated workflow.

Worldwide Exposure, Local Accuracy

For a wider reach, increase your property's exposure internationally while keeping a local touch.

Open Marketplace
Matrix™ provides

The Biggest Listing of Available Properties

The Most Current Information on Home Status

Optimized Exposure of For Sale Properties

Reliable, authentic, comprehensive, and precise property data.

Matrix™ also provides

Broker collaboration between buyer and seller

Equal chances for all purchasers and sellers of real estate

Simple way to identify the realtor selling the house

Fair and equal conditions for big and small brokerages.

The real estate market is completely changed by Egypt MLS, which guarantees an abundance of advantages and a flawless transaction for both professionals and clients.

The impact of Egypt MLS

In An MLS-Free World, You Would Have to Deal With Issues Like

No single database for available houses

Duplicate listings on real estate websites for buyers

Outdated home status data

Property information that is unverified, incorrect, and untrustworthy.